An automated demand response platform

GridIO generates revenue to households by adjusting the electricity consumption of electrical devices without homeowners noticing any discomfort to their daily lives.

GridIO desktop app Gridio mobile app

Connecting large electrical appliances

GridIO utilises the flexible under-utilized capacity of electrical appliances e.g. heaters, boilers and soon EV chargers.

Aggregation via a secure cloud platform

Flexible appliances & homes are grouped into virtual power plants which are bid into Finnish power markets like regular plants.

Households contribute to decarbonization

Households contribute to decarbonization

Connect via GridIO Intelligent Controller


The Controller measures & controls the consumption of household electrical devices

Fast and accurate

Analyses and forecasts consumption based on second-by-second data


The Controller communicates securely with GridIO via an built-in model (SIM provided)


Meets EU safety standards (CE-mark) & data is used according to GDPR standards

Easy to install

The device is installed into your electrical cabinet & takes only around 30 minutes

GridIO cloud-platform

  • Aggregates appliances and households into pools called virtual power plants
  • Forecasts future appliance behaviour based on recent use and weather outlook
  • Adjusts electricity use only if home-owner’s daily life is not disrupted
  • Offers the flexibility of household appliances to power markets for grid balancing purposes
  • Distributes the earnings from power markets according to households’ contribution