What is GridIO?

GridIO is a platform that allows homeowners to make money with their electric devices.

Why should I join GridIO?

GridIO is built for two purposes:
  1. To help homeowners earn revenue using its electrical devices by being part of a “virtual power plant”; and
  2. To decarbonise the power grid through offering zero-carbon grid flexibility that will be critical to enable more intermittent renewable electricity to enter the grid.

How does it work?

All you need to have is an electric water heater, electric heating, floor heating, heat pump, electric vehicle, air conditioning or ventilation system.
GridIO will provide you with our Intelligent Controller to be installed at your home to connect with the above-mentioned appliances. Once connected, GridIO will combine households into “virtual power plants” and demand flexibility to power grids by briefly constraining or adjusting electricity flow to appliances.

Who is it for?

GridIO is for everybody who has any of these electric devices in their home, summer house or even in their Airbnb flat.

How can I join GridIO?

Please join our waitlist on At the moment, we are working with customers limited to Finnish power retailers, but we plan to launch in more countries soon.

How does GridIO make money for homeowners?

GridIO combines appliances of households into “virtual power plants” which it offers to various electricity markets. For example, in Finland GridIO will offer the capacity to so-called reserve markets – which are there to help balance the electrical grid. For instance, when there is a shortage of power due to a power plant outage, or changes in weather affecting renewables, GridIO will adjust the power consumption of its “virtual power plant” and get paid to do by the grid operator. These earnings will be shared with home-owners for contributing to our virtual plant and enabling a greener future.

How does it influence my personal comfort?

GridIO’s software algorithms are set up to avoid any discomfort to home-owners. In fact, a typical power adjustment could last only a few minutes, or even seconds – meaning that your home or hot water tank will remain warm. And don’t worry, you can always disconnect from our service by notifying us!

Privacy Policy

The privacy of customers’ personal information is important to GridIO. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.


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